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Our program for first responders was designed to teach police officers, firefighters, and medical personnel how to be more effective in their work. Most people start the challenging career as a first responder in order to help people, but are unsure of how to set appropriate boundaries and still meet the needs of those with a background of trauma. TLC is designed to provide the tools to save time and make a tough job more effective.

Goals of Our Training for First Responders:

1. understand where people’s harmful behavior comes from.

Most people already know that childhood trauma can have a long-lasting impact that persists into adult life. Our training helps to understand what a traumatized person is thinking and feeling in daily life, and also high-stress situations, when first responders happen to become involved.

2. communicate effectively with patients/suspects in a way that makes a first responder’s job easier.

TLC helps to get to the core of why people do what they do. This helps first responders to cut through the noise of harmful behavior, into the root of what their needs really are. Communication is key when working with traumatized people. Remember the saying, “Hurt people hurt people?”

TLC training helps first responders to discover common ground, rather than simply approaching people based on all their apparent differences.

3. build trust quickly and still get your job done.

Building trust quickly is more difficult than it sounds, but gaining even a small amount of rapport early on can lead to much better outcomes!

TLC teaches how to still get your job done while using verbal and nonverbal techniques. Mastering these tools can be an effective way to make others feel like they are in control while you dictate the conversation flow.

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